Tuesday, March 13, 2007


One of my dear friends recently developed mastitis. The poor thing. I've never had the condition, but I know it is just miserable. Fever, chills, aches and feeling just wiped out generally. All this on top of trying to care for a little one. Ugh. When I found out she was sick, I thought I'd take something to her. She refused dinner or any other help, so while I was out and about with my pfriend, we just decided we'd pick something up and deliver it, whether she wanted it or not. While we were at the grocery store, p mused, "I wonder if there is anything here that represents breasts." Well, how could there NOT be? The creative juices flowed as we wandered around and finally found powdered donuts, peach-o's and gumdrops. They would assemble very nicely into a representation of our friend's affliction. They were so cute I just had to take a photo with my phone. And my darling friend was delighted with the delectable teats...er, I mean...treats.

A few days later my hubby and I were out on a date and our son was babysitting. I got a call from my boy who said, "I've got a problem."
Suppressing alarm I asked, "What's the problem?"
"The handle on the sink just broke off. I'm holding it in my hand."
"Is the water still running?"
Relief confirmed.
"Okay. Don't worry about it. Dad will fix it when we get home."

Great. My house seems to be falling apart. It must have hit the 30-year-hardware-all-breaks mark because just a few weeks earlier my front door handle broke too. Except that the sink faucet was only a few years old and I don't think the front door handle was original to the home either. Go figure. The house must just have bad breaking vibes right now. Anyway, this faucet project needed immediate attention. So we got home from our date (Saturday night of course), picked up the broken faucet handle and left again, this time heading for Lowe's.

We found out that Moen has really great customer service and that they would replace the broken part free of charge. We just had to be patient enough to use pliers as the sink handle until the new part arrived. Fine. I figured that's better than spending a couple hundred bucks on a new faucet at this point. So we looked at front door handles instead. We quickly picked out a handle that would match our other doorknobs we just replaced last summer (because the old ones broke, of course).

The next morning my fabulous fix-it man hubby installed the new door handle. It was only then--a few hours later, actually--that I realized the new doorknob didn't match the other recently-replaced doorknobs like I thought they did. Now this might sound picky, but come on! If I'm going to spend the dough to put on a new doorknob, it ought to be one I like, right? So off came the doorknob and back to Lowe's I went to exchange for one I liked. But this time I was smart. This time I came prepared. This time I tapped into my tech-savvy self and took a photo with my phone so I could find the perfect match for our doorknobs.

At the store I found our very doorknobs I was trying to match. Unfortunately Lowe's just didn't seem to have anything like them in the front door variety. I looked and looked, comparing my cell phone picture to the displays, and finally asked the young doorknob specialist for help. I thought I'd show him the picture of the handle I wanted to match so he'd know what I was talking about. I put my phone out for him to see, and apparently I'd pushed a button inadvertently, because this is what popped up instead.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

it's here! it's here!

Spring has sprung! My little crocuses look happy to see me and it is therefore time to shake off the shoes and bring the toenails out of hibernation. A pedicure with my pfriend was just the thing. Thanks p! Now I know it will (not might but will) snow again before May. But that's okay because there is hope of sunshine and warm sidewalks and that makes me happy. So here's a call to all you ladies--if you haven't already, break out the OPI and get on it.

And if you still doubt that there is hope on the horizon, even after seeing my fab toes, just ask this bee.

And what's with my fall banner? What happened to Halloween, Christmas and Valentines? Where's my blog administrator? Don't I get a cute springy banner?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday In the Kitchen With Lorien

Any time you want to come over for dinner, just holler and I'll whip up a little something.

Mmmm. What a cook.