Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning Conversations

This morning my 4-year old son said "Mom. My spit tastes like metal. Echh."

And my 9-year old daughter said, as she was rubbing the crusties out of her sleepy eyes, "I had such a strange dream. I dreamed I was selling those 'no soliciting' signs door to door. That's so weird." I love that my daughter understands irony at the age of 9.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Please indulge me. It's time for a rant.

In the cold, polluted, or icy-sidewalk weather we've been having lately, my 2 sister-in-laws and I go to the Smith Fieldhouse to run on the indoor track. In case you've never been there, let me take a minute to describe it. It's a 4-lane track that is .2 miles per lap--you have to run 5 to get a mile vs. the standard (?) 4 laps per mile on outdoor tracks. The track was just re-done and is a lovely BYU blue. Really, I don't care for the blue that much, but I guess if you have to pick a color, blue works if you're the Y. Anyway, on the inside of the track is an enclosed basketball court (so you can't see across to the other side of the track), and on one end is a big open area where they chuck discuses, pole-vault, lift weights and the army guys can do drills and twirl guns and stuff.

The track is small and it can get very crowded, especially on inclimate days. The supervisors of the track probably recognized this and posted information to help with movement on the track. On not one, but two sides of the track there are signs--over-the-freeway-style-so-you-run-under-it--posted. One of them has 2 clocks. BOTH of them state "WALKING AND JOGGING IN OUTSIDE TWO LANES. INSIDE LANES FOR SPRINTING ONLY." For the purposes of this rant, let's number the lanes, 1 being the inner lane and 4 being the outer lane. Now what do you suppose this sign means? Take a minute. Formulate your answer. Good. Now, did you answer that if you are walking or jogging you should be doing so in lanes 3 or 4? Did you answer that you should stay out of the inside two lanes (1 and 2) unless you are running faster than most of the other people in the building? Great job! Now, could you please explain this difficult principle to the chick that walks and gabs with her two friends three abreast, in lanes 4, 3, and 2? And I'm not talking a skimpy lane 2, you know, squeezing over to fit as close to lane 3 as possible. I'm talking a generous lane 2, sometimes veering into lane 1. Now I'll admit, lane-violater chick and friends do walk quickly. But they aren't running and they never even budge to skinny up the space they take up. Not once have I seen that happen. On Monday my SIL and I were trying to pass the three of them when I heard a pack of army guys approaching from behind. Their 3 and our 2 made 5, plus these other 3 guys moving up quick on the inside. I finally hollered "Left!" and passed. She didn't budge.

I used to run with a friend who would yell "Left!" and then just plow into people if they didn't move to an outer lane. I used to be horrified and so embarrassed when she did this, but now I understand. She must have shared a track with lane-violater chick and had had enough. I'm about ready to try my friend's shoulder bumping technique and see if it does any good. I don't know if she'd get it, though. Once I watched them stop dead in the middle of the track by the door (after THEY were done with their workout, of course) to talk to 2 more of their friends. A big ole group of five self absorbed women chatting in the middle of the track. Nevermind that we have to dodge and run around them every time we want to pass them while they are walking, but now they need to have a conversation and lanes 2, 3 and 4 are just the place it needs to happen. The foyer of the building 7 feet away just isn't good enough.

Maybe lane-violater chick will come across my blog. If so, this is a plea. Please walk in the outer 2 lanes as the oh-so-clear sign suggests. Bertha (my affectionately named behind) and I have a tough enough time just keeping the feet moving, let alone the extra effort it takes to move around people. But I always check my blind spot, pass, and then move directly back into at least lane 3 and you can too. You can walk directly behind your friend in lane 4. I know she'd still be able to hear what you are saying. I always can.

Anyone want to make a bet? Think lane-violater chick will ever get it?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Moment of Silence

Day before yesterday was a dark day. My 12 inch PowerBook G4 baby was in chronic hard drive failure. It hit on a day when my hubby had a date with fame (presenting at a local elementary school). Presentations were deleted, un-sequenced, deleted again, and then un-sequenced again. We were incredibly lucky we were able to pull the slides back together in time for the presentation, but we did and Mr. Illustrator did just fine. But then a stint installation--iLife06--in an attempt to fix the problem merely exacerbated the condition. It must have been too much strain because that evening the poor dear went into harddrive arrest. A last-ditch restart allowed me to recover my files and then we sent the machine to the mac hospital. After a drive transplant and some time in recovery I am happy to announce my baby is coming along quite well. If anyone wants to send "wishing you a speedy recovery" flowers or chocolates, I'd be happy to give you my address. Email privately.