Friday, April 13, 2007

Calling All Gardeners

Do you want Shasta Daisies for your flower garden?

And I don't mean a few. I just separated a couple of plants and I have GALLONS of plants waiting here for you. They are beautiful flowers that bloom mid-summer, grow about 2-3 feet tall with the right water, and out-compete weeds. The clump spreads and needs to be thinned out every couple of years, but it's a nice no-brainer perrenial. They want full sun and will fall over if a sprinkler hits them once the blooms come out, but caging them early in the spring seems to hold them up pretty well.

They need a home or the city compost pile will get them come next Tuesday. If you want them, they're yours. Free of charge. Only tell me that you love me. Or you can bring me a start of your favorite flower if you want. Come get all or just a few of them. Email if you need my address.

Happy Gardening! (I just found some of my dirt under a bunch of weeds--I was wondering if it was still there!)