Sunday, May 20, 2007

More From My Kids

On Mother's Day my 6-year old daughter told me I had a beard and pointed to my upper lip. Thanks.

Today my 4-year old son asked if he could use gel to spike his hair. He wants the very edge fringe of his bangs to point directly forward--and don't touch it or you might mess it up! You have to understand that there are no precedents for males in this household using gel--Dad hardly has enough hair (in length, honey!) to hold any gel in, and my 12-year old son's idea of doing his hair is smashing it forward with his hand. At age 4 I already sense teenage issues coming...

And 2 questions in rapid succession from my 9-year old daughter...

"Mom, why do people itch?"
"Because they need to scratch." (Hey, I was busy doing Su Doku, okay?)
Sarcastically, "Oh. That was really helpful. I'm gonna go write that down."

"Mom, is it really true that farts are flammable?"
"Mmm hmmm." (Still doing Su Doku)
"So if you farted by a match, your bum would catch on fire?"
"Yep. That's called a blue dart."
"Wow. That's really weird."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Makin Mom Proud


Six-year old daughter: "Guess what! I can pick my nose and ride my bike all at the same time!"

At breakfast today

Twelve-year old son: "I'm oblivious!"
Nine-year old daughter: "What the heck does oblivious mean?"
Twelve-year old son: "I have no idea."